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Kaoru Unagiya (鰻屋馨, Unagiya Kaoru) is the young son of Ikumi Unagiya, Ichigo Kurosaki's employer.


He is a young boy who looks around 9 or 10. He has mid length hair with bangs between his eyes and next his ears, and is seen usually wearing a white t-shirt and and blue shorts.


The Lost Substitute Shinigami arc

Kaoru wakes up from hearing his mother yelling at Ichigo. He walks barefoot into her office, despite not being allowed to do so, and complains that he is hungry. When he sees Ichigo in the office he asks him what he is doing there and tells him not to try a move on his mother just because she is beautiful. He supports his argument with a raspberry before Ikumi takes him out of the room.

When Ichigo returns to the shop late one evening, Kaoru eavesdrops on his conversation with Ikumi. He hears her complaining about Ichigo missing work and asking for more time off. He also hears her trying to reassure Ichigo and gain his trust before he leaves.