Kuruyashiki Kenpachi the 7th Kenpachi.

  • He is an individual from 250 years ago. He is a person, whose strength was enough to be considered a promotion by 0 squad.
  • He, however, refused to be promoted to the ranks of 0 squad. The reason being he is too lazy to guard the palace.
  • Kano Ashido, THE Ashido, we know of from Bleach anime, was an individual, who was working beneath Kuruyashiki.
  • He is a shingami with an experience of cutting down a VL class Menos.
  • He is an "aniki" figure to everyone. He enjoys watching the end of the strong fighter he has fought before.
  • While he was alive, he made a wishful comment that he wanted to have a fight with either Kyoraku or Ukitake.
  • His shikai, Kamawariro (餓樂廻廊), like Unohana's Minazuki, is a living-creature type zanpakuto. Its ability allows Kuruyashiki to summon countless grizzly bear sized, white ball-shaped creatures with large fangs to devour his foes.
  • Its shikai command: After birthing yourself by driving back the good fortune, accept the darkness as you make things gaunt.
  • The name of his bankai has not been revealed. His bankai's range reaches several times that of jureichi or that of entire Seireitei. His bankai allows Kuruyashiki to summon a jaw of the aforementioned size from the ground, which, at the time of its summoning, crushes everything without distinction of living or non-living between its teeth. (The only exception being Kuruyashiki.) If had he used his bankai during his fight with Azashiro, the outcome would have been different. Kuruyashiki, however, chose not to use his bankai for there were Kyoraku Shunsui and 11th division members around the battlefield to witness the last combat of his life. In the fleeting moment of the death's embrace, he predicts the appearance of the one who's like Zaraki.